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Un-Life-Home-Project-Based Schooling?!

We are actually doing it!

The last few months (Well, really it’s been years!) we have been planning for this moment… To keep the children home, and out of the system. Technically, they are in the system, but we hope that this way they have a fighting chance at retaining their humour, creativity, curiosities and very unique sense of self.

I am madly prepping for the “interview” on Wednesday. Yes, I am nervous. Yes, I am overly prepared.  I have a gorgeous proposal, all of the curriculum guidlines met, and now organizing the childrens workspaces. 

The best part about this trip so far has been this morning, when my children announced their excitement and eagerness for our adventure to begin when they begged us to start “Right away!” and not in January, the new school year. Of course, this will happen. Learning should not have a start and end date!

We will have all our news posted here, the process and the time required to get things done.

Break it down:

Application: 1 hour, emailed


Reply by phone: 3 days later

Phone call to arrange interview: 30 mins (while food shopping)

Proposal Document:  2-5 days

Curriculum Purchasing: $100 and an hour of digging to find “fun” books

 So, What do we call this? I really don’t like any of the conventional names for home schooling. I guess we will call it… The YuuMii School!