: : A little bit of Yuu and a little bit of Mii : :

YuuMii! Week 4 of Home Ed!

Wow! Well, this is moving along very quickly.

I have spent time working out what we need to do to get through the Australia curriculum. It’s not much! It works out to be about a page a day in each subject, IF the children focus it takes about 2.5 hours (including breaks!). This leaves our WHOLE afternoon free for play, classes like drumming and karate, and of course swimming, skateboarding and surfing. 

4 terms, 2 months each. Seasons as general themes, as we have done in the past with NinthCloud and YuuMii before. This gives us over 4 months of free-play travel and open plan learning. Projects based on location, or desires.

The first week was easy.

The second week was impossible. They did NOT want to do any worksheets or anything, really. We had a day or 2 of free play.

The third week was all about negotiations, balance and happiness. I also tried out several methods of compiling the children’s projects. EVERNOTE won.

This week, we are finding our way… and you know what? These kids are now eagerly doing most things on their own. I am always there to help, with their projects, play, or experiments… there has been little conflict. 

Having a 3.5 year old in the mix has made it challenging. Having their uncle in town will help for sure.

We have watched our children grow more loving, caring, thoughtful, energetic, enthusiastic, helpful, and generous. They still squabble over silly things but watching them work it out has also been interesting. They are spending more time to be sure they fix their wrongs. 

All this in just 4 weeks! 


Science after ceramics in Narabeen


Skateboarding break


Making boats that float… sometimes!




Drum lessons!


We found a shark egg in Manly Lagoon! (It was empty)